Documents at your fingertips
Channellink Document Sharing application allows you to manage and share all your marketing materials and other documents within your organization and with your business partners. Your information is available via a web portal and mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. You control access with a dynamic and user friendly web interface.

Digital Detailer for your sales teams. Save time and money by providing your marketing materials digitally:
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Custom Docs
ChannelLink allows users to create custom docs and forms to manage any interaction with a customer or partner that requires information and signatures to be captured. Custom Docs can be used for:

  • Agreements and contracts
  • Authorization forms
  • Work orders
  • Surveys
  • Other

Custom Docs are created on the fly in a dynamic web interface or you can add fields and signature capability to existing docs. Custom Docs are shared internally and with your trading partners. As forms are generated and signed, the documents are stored in a database for easy retrieval and management.

You have access to all the usage metrics you need to better understand who is using what information and how you can better manage your sales collateral and other documents.

  • How many times has a document been accessed?
  • What partners are using what types of information?
  • How does document access relate to sales?

Document Management

  • Share your marketing materials with your trading partners and in your own organization
  • You control access to materials
  • Update your documents with only a few clicks
  • Administrators control what information is shared in their organizations
  • Usage reports allow you to understand who and how your information is being utilized

Product Training

  • Turnkey Product training for your organization and your supply chain
  • Dynamic quiz functionality
  • Individual presentations or modular
  • Easy to implement: Content can be Power Point, YouTube, PDF or other digital media
  • Incentive integration: Gift cards, premium gifts etc.
  • Reporting tools to evaluate your sales team and sales partners

Incentive Management

  • Complete, turnkey program management
  • Rebate and distributor spif’s
  • Customer and program portals
  • Points, Gift Card, Cash or Premium Items
  • Data Integration
  • Transparency and visibility in the process
  • Custom approval and workflow rules
  • Program analytics and reporting
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