Connect the dots with FTG’s rich sales tracing platform that tracks every step of the previously segmented supply chain, from end-to-end.

FTG’s proprietary data integration engine, FocusEDI, facilitates data sharing and includes the processes, systems, and tools to simplify sales tracings – everything from:

· Acquisition – EDI, XML, Flat File
· Hygiene
· Organization
· Appending
· Analytics and reporting configuration

Integrated with more than 125 animal health, pet specialty, agricultural, and healthcare distributors, FocusEDI has streamlined the process for distributors to share data with their vendors. FTG can process sales data in whatever format works best for your distributors and other customers and makes the process work, whether flat file or true EDI - no standards, just clean accurate data. FTG’s proprietary data management applications aggregate and map your transactions into the following data schemes: customer mapping, distributor sales person mapping, product category schemes and sales territory schemes.

FocusEDI delivers unparalleled detail by using unique identifiers at every step of the supply chain. Need to know how much of your product is being purchased by X customer through Y distributor? FocusEDI can tell you.

For more information on FocusEDI, contact us.

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