Incentive Management: Programs designed around your criteria
Whether you are running an incentive plan, generating rebates, or providing SPIF’s, FTG can automate your programs based upon the parameters that you establish.

Workflow and Approval
We will work with you to understand what you are trying to accomplish with your programs and design them accordingly. With a clear business understanding, we will develop the program and include you in the online review process. Once the program is ready for fulfillment, there are approval steps in place to insure that proper payments/rebates are distributed.
Transparency in the process
You will have online access to view the progress of your programs throughout the year and understand your exposure. Individual participants in the program will also have the ability to access this information to see how they are progressing against goals.
Smart email communications
+ web access

Participants in programs can access their current status via web access, dedicated portals, or through “smart” email communications that is distributed at your discretion.
Program Fulfillment
FTG offers a variety of services to fulfill your programs. From check processing and ACH payments to gift card fulfillment, we can handle any size program.
Audit & Tracking Reports
Unlike most internal program management processes, our process is documented throughout to insure that proper payments are being made.
Program Analytics
Reporting is delivered in a variety of formats including dashboards, standard reporting, and bubble charts.
Data Reconciliation
Online data reconciliation is available for your distributors to insure that the data that has been submitted (and is being used for program calculations) is accurate.

Document Management

  • Share your marketing materials with your trading partners and in your own organization
  • You control access to materials
  • Update your documents with only a few clicks
  • Administrators control what information is shared in their organizations
  • Usage reports allow you to understand who and how your information is being utilized

Product Training

  • Turnkey Product training for your organization and your supply chain
  • Dynamic quiz functionality
  • Individual presentations or modular
  • Easy to implement: Content can be Power Point, YouTube, PDF or other digital media
  • Incentive integration: Gift cards, premium gifts etc.
  • Reporting tools to evaluate your sales team and sales partners

Incentive Management

  • Complete, turnkey program management
  • Rebate and distributor spif’s
  • Customer and program portals
  • Points, Gift Card, Cash or Premium Items
  • Data Integration
  • Transparency and visibility in the process
  • Custom approval and workflow rules
  • Program analytics and reporting
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